If you use Gmail or Yahoo mail

If you use Gmail or Yahoo mail


We may not be able to confirm that you are not receiving email from us if you are using a free email that is represented by Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

Emails are being sent to junk mail

If you have an inquiry, we will always send you an email.In that case, if you use Yahoo Mail or gmail, you may be sent to the Junk mail box.

When you contact us, please confirm whether it has been sent to the spam mail first. In the case of the Gmail address, the Junk mail box is not always displayed, so please confirm the confirmation method from the following, and it is smooth when you inquire.


If you do not receive the email, please check the Junk mail box once again.
However, there are of course cases where the real junk mail is included, so please check the subject and address carefully before confirming the text of the email.


Finally, if you have not received any mail from us in the Junk mail box, please contact us again or ask directly by phone.